10 Questions with Donna Lucas

1. What is your role? 
I am a Consultant at RMCG.

2. Who do you work for?
I work mainly in rural industries and my colleague, Doris Blaesing and I are currently working with the Tasmanian forest industry to develop a Workforce Development Plan. RMCG operates nationally in the fields of environment, water, agriculture, economics and communities.

3. How long have you been in the industry?
I was introduced to forestry at an early age because my parents and grandparents were involved in the industry including sawmilling. In my agricultural consulting job over the past 13 years I have crossed paths with forestry including property management planning and estimating farm greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration.

4. What’s the most exciting part of your role?
Meeting, learning from and working with great people in rural industries.

5. What are you most passionate about in the industry?
Getting the message out there to the community about the good work that is being done and creating a shared understanding of the industry and the career opportunities.

6. What is your vision for the Forests and Forest Products industry in Tasmania?
A vibrant industry that Tasmanians are proud of.

7. What do you think the industry does very well?
Getting things done and adapting to change.

8. Where do you think there is room for improvement?
Engagement and communications. The industry needs to get better at telling its story to the broader community, so that people understand why practices are used, and for example, how forests changes over time. Telling the story will help in attracting and retaining people in the industry. Also, people in the industry need to strive for an appreciation of community values.

9. On a weekend, we’d find you where?
In the garden, on a road trip or camping. Our favourite camping spot is Fortescue Bay. We camped there with our kids and family friends every year for about 15 years – and it’s still a favourite spot for our now, adult kids.

10. What is something that would surprise people about you?
My father received the Tasmanian and National Tree Farmer of the Year Award in the mid 1980s.