10 Questions with Kathryn Cresswell

What is your role?
I am a North East Plantations Forester.

Who do you work for?
I work for Forico.

How long have you been in the industry?
2020 will be my fifth year in the industry.

What’s the most exciting part of your role?
The most exciting part of my role is the diversity. I can go from working with contractors in the forests with machinery; to working with community groups and education groups; to wildlife control and conservation projects.

What are you most passionate about in the industry?
I am passionate about sharing the good that we do as an industry and educating the next generation and public about what we do so well and what we have learnt along the way. Education is a great too, to engage people with the forests and forest activities.

What is your vision and Forest Products industry in Tasmania?
That we become a world leading industry, through ethically produced and harvested timbers; through the use of technology to enhance the applications of our plantation timber and fibre products and cultivating a genuine respect and appreciation of our unique special species timber.

What do you think the industry does really well?
Interagency collaboration is getting better and better all the time. We are good at sharing our learning’s, experiences and ideas between each other and with industry partners.

Where do you think there is room for improvement?
Room for improvement is with our communication with the general public; we do so much good and people are just aren’t aware! Let them hear of all the good we do.

On a weekend, we’d find you where?
I would be found working on the Cresswell family farm just outside of Deloraine, working with livestock and tending to crops… and being a great gate opener.

What is something that would surprise people about you? 
I am the co-owner of a cattle-breeding stud. My husband and I started the Quamby Bluff Santa Gertrudis Stud in late 2015. We now have 20 breeding animals making up our herd of these big, red, gentle natured animals.