Craig Patmore: Winner – Outstanding Contribution to the Timber Industry (male)

Craig Patmore, Sustainable Timber Tasmania

This Award recognises an individual who demonstrates excellence in their commitment to supporting and promoting the Tasmanian Timber Industry.

Craig Patmore has been an outstanding contributor to the Tasmanian forest industry during his 39 years of service with Forestry Commission, Forestry Tasmania and Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

His current role at Sustainable Timber Tasmania is Production Manager South, where he works with his team to produce tactical and operational plans, construct and maintain roads and monitor compliance of harvesting and haulage contractors in their delivery of products to customers.

During his time with Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Craig has been a training mentor and supervisor for not only people within STT, but contractors working in
the industry.

He has also been a key developer of Forest Practices Training packages delivered to the industry over many years.

When he found out he was nominated for a TFFPN Award, Craig thought all he was doing was “just going about doing my work the best way I can.”

“I was honored to be thought suitable to be nominated by my peers,” he said.

Craig has always strived to make sure work produced is to a high standard and that the industry brand is held in high regard.

“I feel very privileged to have been mentored by exceptional people over the years who have values and behaviour of the highest standards,” he said.

“I hope that I have been able to demonstrate and lead within the industry holding the same values when I interact with both internal and external stakeholders.”

Craig attended the Tasmanian Timber Awards with over 25 Sustainable Timber Tasmania colleagues and over 300 industry colleagues and contacts.

“I was surprised by the number of people who attended from a variety of different disciplines of our industry,” he said.

“It was a great night of celebration and success, but what struck me the most was the optimistic atmosphere in the room about the future of our industry.”

“It was an atmosphere I haven’t felt for over 10, maybe even 20 years and that is really exciting for our future.”

Craig said he was overwhelmed to win the Outstanding Contribution to the Timber Industry (male) Award.

“In the moment, I thought about the people that I know from the past who have made outstanding contributions to the industry and how privileged I am to have been thought of by my peers as one of these people,” he said.

Craig and his team are currently working on recovery operations from the 2018/2019 bushfire season. He is helping to guide projects to analyse the bushfire damage and then plan on how best to move forward and prepare for ongoing effects of the season.

The Network wish him all the best with his work going forward.