Diversity Action Plan Released

Diversity & Inclusion: Its everyone’s responsibility…

Our Workforce Development and Diversity Reference Group is pleased to release the Connecting & Belonging: Tasmanian Forest Industry Diversity Action Plan (DAP)

This plan articulates and reflects the perceived and real constraints and barriers to supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce for our forest industry.

Key its success, is the engagement from stakeholders across the sector, government, training and the community. The people who have developed this plan have embodied it’s title of Connecting & Belonging. They have connected with each other and built an inclusive project where everyone can feel they belong. These individuals have freely given their time and expertise to not only develop this plan but, more importantly, to lead and guide the implementation of key actions within this plan.

The GREAT theme of this plan requires strong leadership in managing change. This is a change management plan, and with a focus on providing tools to help the industry to become more inclusive and to attract and retain a diverse workforce. With this change, the forest and wood products industry can realise a vision of being an ‘industry of choice’ with a skilled workforce that supports industry development and is representative of the community in which it operates.

Connecting & Belonging Diversity Action Plan

You too can be involved in the implementation of the actions detailed in this plan by:

  • Connecting with Tracey on 0499 623 791 or  Tracey.Taylor@tffpn.com.au
  • Speaking with to one of our Workforce and Diversity Reference Group members (listed on the last page of the plan)

The development of the Diversity Action Plan is supported with two years funding from the Tasmanian Government.

Meet Tracey Taylor, our Manager, Workforce and Diversity HERE.

The industry launched its Workforce Development Plan in late 2021 that is the overarching guide for this work. The Workforce Development Plan can be found HERE.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Implementation of the plan will see further information, resources and opportunities be developed and available to all Tasmanian forest industry participants over the next  months. Some resources have already been developed and are available for any Tasmanian forest industry individual or organisation. They can either be downloaded from this website or contact Tracey Taylor for some hardcopies.

Other Information

  • Diversity Council Australia (dca.org.au) – Diversity Council Australia has a number of free resources and further resources and training for members. The Council describes diversity as being the mix of people in your organisation, and inclusion as being about creating a workplace environment that enables that mix to work – for organisations and employees (DIVERSITY & INCLUSION EXPLAINED | Diversity Council Australia (dca.org.au).
  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)  – is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The Agency is charged with promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces. It uses the data it collects to produce informative resources for the public and educational resources on gender equality in the workplace.