Forest Safety Code Review Steering Committee Update

The Forest Safety Code Review Steering Committee continues to meet to finalise the Tasmanian Forest Safety Code Review Project Plan and the grant spplication to Worksafe Tasmania to secure funding to complete the review.

The Project’s primary objectives are to:

1) To review the Forest Safety Code (Tasmania) in consultation with Tasmanian forest industry stakeholders, taking account of key issues identified at an industry forum held on 21 June 2019.
2) To develop recommendations for the Tasmanian Minister responsible for work health and safety legislation, to amend the Code to remove outdated references and include contemporary practices previously not covered by the Code.
3) To develop a communication plan to raise awareness of, and communicate key changes in, the revised Code across the forest industry.

The Project is estimated to require funding of approx. $100,000 to complete. This funding will be sourced through –
– Application to Worksafe Tasmania grant funding round in the major grant category, and;
– Through contribution by the forest industry to this very important project.

Correspondence has been prepared by the Steering Committee which will be forwarded to companies in the forest sector to give them an opportunity to engage directly in the project through a funding contribution.

The size of the financial contribution is based on the size of the company and ranges from $1,000 to $15,000.

The review and update of the Code will be carried out by the engagement of a consultant with an ambitious project timeline of :-

Oct Nov 2019: Apply for grant funding
Nov-Dec 2019: Advertise for and appoint consultant/s
Jan-Mar 2020: Consultation with industry
February 2020: 1 st progress update to Project steering committee
April 2020: draft recommended Code amendments to steering committee
June 2020: recommendations on amendments to Code to responsible Minister
August 2020: Code revised and Gazetted
Aug-Dec 2020: training awareness programs implemented.

The Network will keep you fully informed on progress of this important Project through the Newsletters.

The Steering Committee members are:

Penny Wells , (Chair) PFT
John Webb , Norske Skog
Darren Herd , Forico
Alistair Hayward, STT
Karen Hall, Aust. Forest Contractors Association
Therese Taylor , TFFPN