TASMANIAN Forests and Forest Products Network – Time to say thanks to Huon Valley forest workers

The Tasmanian Forest and Forest Products Network (TFFPN) is showing support and gratitude for Huon Valley forest workers following the recent fires in the Huon Valley.

Workers from Sustainable Timber Tasmania(STT) , Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP), Ta ann, and TP Bennetts Logging and Cartage Contractors, plus other smaller family contractors will come together at Judbury Park for a BBQ on Tuesday 5th March.

It will be an opportunity for workers to come together to support each other from a number of Huon Valley forest companies that have been affected by the recent fires.

The BBQ is to acknowledge, congratulate and thank the businesses and individuals who gave their time , expertise and machinery to assist in a volunteer way to fight and retain the fire front , especially in respect to their own workplaces.

Workers from TP Bennetts, Ta Ann and NSFP worked tirelessly through the nights with crews from Tasmanian Fire Service and STT to protect their Valley at the height of the fires.

There are many stories of community resilience to acknowledge and celebrate. Many workers who were not involved in direct fire fighting were assisting with evacuations and providing transport and other needed services.

Many of the workers are still not back at work. As we know the NSFP mill sustained some damage and the Ta ann mill site will not be operational for some time. Full operations may not be restored for some time, however companies have implemented a range of strategies to assist workers during this time.

The BBQ to say ‘thank you’ is to be held at Judbury Park , Glen Huon Road, Judbury commencing 3pm Tuesday 5th March. Approx. 60 workers are expected.

Contact : Therese Taylor, Convenor TFFPN ph. 0419302777