Membership of the TFFPN

Membership is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in the continued future development of a sustainable and profitable forest and forest products industry.

Membership of the TFFPN is free of charge and will give the member access, as part of the mailing list,  to the website, social media, newsletters, notice of events and networking functions.

A strength of the TFFPN will be its number of members – from grassroots workers to all those who have an investment in the future.  Promoting membership will be essential for all those involved. 

The core benefit of membership ensures all of those who rely on the industry – both directly and indirectly – are empowered to personally influence the future development and sustainability of the industry by:

  • Fostering greater community awareness and acceptance of the value and importance of a sustainable and profitable forest industry
  • The open exchange of views, opinions, concerns, aspirations and expectation held by all those who have a genuine stake in the future of the industry
  • Achieving unity of purpose across all the sectors of the industry
  • Sharing information to help maximise collective industry expertise, productivity and profitability
  • Creating sustainable progression within the industry that is built on a combination of innovation and skill development and the strengthening of career development and innovation
  • Working to establish consistency and continuity in political policy on forestry and eliminating it as a subject of competitive election debate
  • Provide a leadership role for industry consultation
  • Enhance the industry’s reputation as an essential contributor to the management of  a sustainable, natural environment
  • Restoring the equitable balance between competitive interests within the Industry by prioritising those issues of shared importance across all sector of activity
  • Providing a calm and considered voice for the industry to ensure balance and Reason remain the key influences in community discussion on forestry.
  • Ensuring powerful reception to government on policy issues that benefit Industry
  • Establishing a leadership voice for all the industry to media, politicians, and the public .

Membership Application

I wish to become a member of the Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network and in doing so I subscribe to its purpose of representing shared views, aspirations and expectations of all those people who have a stake in the future of a sustainable Tasmanian forests, fine timber and wood fibre industry.

Please note: at the completion of your membership sign up, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within 2 hours, please contact Romany on

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Membership will give you access to a range of benefits including:

  • Website and social media updates
  • Notice of conferences, Forums and Events in your region
  • Social and Networking Events
  • Workforce development, training and skill development information
  • Ability to share information and events

The Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network will provide an inclusive, open and transparent platform on industry matters for all those who either work within or support a productive, sustainable and profitable forest industry in Tasmania.