TFFPN launches Plan to bolster and secure forest industry workforce

22 September 2021

The Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network has today officially launched its Tasmanian Forest Industry Workforce Development and Implementation Plan— a blueprint ‘for industry, by industry’ to move the sector forward, said Network Convenor Therese Taylor.

The Plan—which describes what industry, education and training providers and other stakeholders can do to support a vibrant forest and wood processing industry—was developed by local consultancy RMCG with support from the Tasmanian Training and Skills Development Service, a service funded by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments to support the rebuilding and reskilling of the Tasmanian forest and timber industry.

RMCG worked with a diversity of industry members through the development of a TFFPN working group, as well as seeking continual feedback from other key industry stakeholders.

Network Convenor, Therese Taylor said that the time is right for industry to move ahead for the betterment of the sector.

“Never before has Tasmania’s forest industry been so progressive, collaborative and excited to work together to bolster its workforce for the future,” Ms Taylor said.

“This Plan reiterates our collective vision that the Tasmanian forest and wood processing industry is an industry of choice and has a skilled workforce to support industry development.

“It’s important, as with the implementation of any Plan that there is strong guidance and coordination, and as such, the Network will lead and coordinate the implementation of the Plan with support from a representative stakeholder steering group.”

Three important action areas will underpin the realisation of the Plan, including the identification of one voice to guide and lead collaboration and coordination; effective engagement and communication; and good data to support good decisions.

The Plan outlines strategic workforce development goals, required outcomes and targeted actions to attract, train and retain people with the skills necessary to capitalise on Tasmania’s opportunity to be a world leader in producing and manufacturing sustainable and innovative wood and fibre products.

Chair of the Workforce Development Working Group, Jim Wilson said importantly the Plan provides a tactical framework with clear goals and objectives.

“The framework is a living document that will allow key stakeholders to regularly review progress against agreed measures of success, set new goals as required and agree on actions to achieve them.

“It will support the entire forest industry to strategically develop its future workforce to meet market, environmental and community expectations. It will be an important cornerstone of a progressive, vibrant industry now and into the future.”

The Tasmanian Forest Industry Workforce Development and Implementation Plan can be viewed in full HERE.

ENQUIRIES: Romany Brodribb—Manager Communications TFFPN— 0438 368079.