Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting Results

Following our online Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting this afternoon, a quorum was achieved and we are pleased to advise the following four people have been elected to the Board of Directors for The Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network via a member vote:

  • Tim Bates
  • Bryan Hayes (re-elected)
  • Andrew Morgan (re-elected)
  • Steve Whiteley (re-elected)

Tim, Bryan Andrew and Steve join Julianne O’Reilly-Wapstra, Tony Stonjek and Brodie Frost on the Board. Congratulations to our new and returning Directors, your commitment to the Network and industry expertise is much appreciated.

Additionally, the proposed changes to the constitution were also passed with a vote. These changes to clauses 8.3b, 9.1 and the addition of 9.5 resolved that the quorum required for a General Meeting moving forward is 40 members, and that postal and electronic voting will be allowed. You can read the changes in full here.