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Workforce Development Portal

This portal contains links to and information on Tasmanian forest industry careers, training, diversity and inclusion for employers, employees and the community.

The development and implementation of this portal and many of the initiatives contained within have been guided by:

This portal has been developed by the TFFPN as part of the Forest Industry Workforce Development and Diversity Project, that is supported by the Tasmanian Government.

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1105, 2023


Mentoring Mentoring is often thought of in a traditional sense - of older colleagues offering their insights and experience to the younger generation, which can be rewarding for both the mentor and mentee. The Art of Mentoring notes that "mentoring is a learning relationship, generally focused on long term career development. The primary purpose is to drive personal growth; building skills, knowledge and understanding." Reverse mentoring is described by Indeed as a partnership between a s ...

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