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Workforce Development Portal

This portal contains links to and information on Tasmanian forest industry careers, training, diversity and inclusion for employers, employees and the community.

Released in December 2023:
Connecting & Belonging: Project Final Report highlights some key successes over the past two years.

The development and implementation of this portal and many of the initiatives contained within have been guided by:

This portal has been developed by the TFFPN as part of the Forest Industry Workforce Development and Diversity Project, that is supported by the Tasmanian Government.

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2211, 2023

New industry-led Forestry Leadership course launches

New industry-led Forestry Leadership course launches The Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network Workforce + Diversity Project has led the charge, working with industry to develop a new Pilot Certificate IV Skill Set in Forestry Leadership, to be delivered by TasTAFE.  The pilot skill set—which is now open for enrolment—is designed to grow the proficiencies and knowledge of forestry industry employees, equipping them to become future leaders. It is a new offering and is comprised of thre ...

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