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Are you currently working in the Tasmanian Forestry Industry? Workforce, careers, diversity and inclusion are a focus of an industry project, with many employers and employees providing advice and advocacy.

This page contains information that could help you grow your career, from training pathways, to how to support diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

The development and implementation of this portal and many of the initiatives contained within have been guided by:

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity Gender equity within an organisation makes good business sense and benefits all employees – both ...


Mentoring Mentoring is often thought of in a traditional sense - of older colleagues offering their insights and ...

Training Opportunities

Forest Industry Training Opportunities There are many training opportunities for people working in or wanting to ...

Workplace Flexibility

Workplace flexibility: Attracting and retaining employees How can our workforce of the future meet the needs of our s ...

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2302, 2023

Connecting and creating pathways

Connecting and creating pathways A group of industry stakeholders, facilitated by Tracey Taylor, have been collaborating with TasTAFE on a Leadership and Safety Pilot Skill Set comprised of three Certificate IV in Forest Operations Units. One of the drivers of this initiative, Jillian Aylett Brown, CEO of MechLog, is passionate about creating pathways for our industry employees. “This Pilot Skill Set is an opportunity for our industry to create real pathways and careers in the forest industry. ...

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