Diversity, Inclusion, Equity + Intersectionality

The Tasmanian forest industry is focused on being an industry of choice with a diverse and skilled workforce that is inclusive of all employees. The sector released its Diversity Action Plan in 2022 and is currently implementing actions from that plan. You can find the Diversity Action Plan here.

The industry has also developed a series of factsheets and postcards to assist employees and employers with promoting diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. They can either be downloaded from this website or contact Tracey.Taylor@tffpn.com.au for some hardcopies.

Diversity is the way in which people are unique, both visible and invisible, innate and external. It describes the differences and uniqueness of people, acknowledging the unique blend of knowledge, skills and perspectives people can bring to the workplace.*

Inclusion is a workplace’s culture and the way in which the workplace welcomes diversity and creates an environment where all different kinds of people can thrive and succeed. Inclusion is the empowerment of people to contribute their skills and perspectives and allows everyone to bring their authentic selves to work.*

Inclusivity and diversity does not come at the detriment of others**.

*Charter – Australian Forest Products Association (ausfpa.com.au) ** Melissa Leong

Graphic depicting diversity of individuals

Equity is acknowledging that each person has different circumstances and then allocating the appropriate resources for them to achieve an equal outcome.

Equity differs from equality in which everyone is allocated the same resources regardless of their circumstances.

Intersectionality describes how many aspects of a person’s identity overlap and acknowledges that each person has their own unique experience of disadvantage and privilege.

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Diversity, Inclusion + Equity: