A portal into the future…

A key theme of the TFFPN’s Workforce Development and Diversity Project was ensuring that the information produced was available for the industry beyond the life of the project.

Guided by an industry reference group, the development of a Workforce Portal captures the information not only produced by the project but also provides a single place for employers, employees and the community to access workforce information.

The recently launched Workforce Portal is our forest industry concierge – collating and assembling information in a simple-to-navigate form for not only employers, but employees and our Tasmanian community.

Are you an employer thinking about putting on a trainee? Where do you start? What subsidies are available? Try this page on the Portal, along with information on employee attraction and recruitment.

What about supporting your existing employees with workplace flexibility?

Or improving your understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion?

We will continue adding information and resources to this Portal, with the next major development being information on key industry skills, career entry points and educational pathways gained from the Network’s Career Mapping Project.

So keep a watch on the Portal and reach out to Tracey.Taylor@tffpn.com.au if there is anything you think could be included.