Tasmania Forestry Hub


Funded by the Commonwealth, the Hub exists to provide information to assist in future policy development regarding pathways for growth, and removal of barriers, for the Tasmanian forestry industry through stakeholder engagement and consultation.


To grow a sustainable, innovative forest industry that supports Tasmania’s community and economy into the future and is supported by the community.

Strategic Priorities:

The Hub’s vision is supported by four strategic priorities:

  1. Climate and carbon policy
  2. Workforce skills and training
  3. Resource and land access
  4. Supply chain and infrastructure


The Hub employs a General Manager, Tracey Taylor. 

The Hub Steering Committee is comprised of the following industry representatives:

  • Steve Whiteley, Chair
  • Darren Davis
  • Owen Hoffman
  • Shawn Britton
  • Elizabeth Pietrzykowski
  • Scott Freemen
  • Andrew Morgan


Hub General Manager | Tracey.Taylor@tffpn.com.au | 0499 623 791