Mentoring is often thought of in a traditional sense – of older colleagues offering their insights and experience to the younger generation, which can be rewarding for both the mentor and mentee. The Art of Mentoring notes that “mentoring is a learning relationship, generally focused on long term career development. The primary purpose is to drive personal growth; building skills, knowledge and understanding.”

Reverse mentoring is described by Indeed as a partnership between a senior and junior employee where the junior employee fills in gaps in the more experienced employees knowledge, often in the new technology and business practices space.

Individuals and organisations can access many mentoring opportunities – whether developing in-house mentoring or accessing specific mentoring for industry or particular groups. Some mentoring programs that may provide opportunities for the Tasmanian forest industry are presented in the table below.

Organisation Mentoring Details More Information
Forestry Australia Mentoring Program Forestry Australia’s mentoring program runs for 9 months and is designed to establish connections within the forestry sector by pairing experienced forestry professionals with those who are seeking to evolve their career. Engagement and connection can be in person or online, whatever works for you. It is FREE for Forestry Australia members. Mentoring Program – Forestry Australia
MAS National Business Mentoring Program Mas Business Mentoring is a free, online platform connecting businesspeople of all backgrounds to learn and share their knowledge. Collective Mentoring is another of their programs focusing on connecting woment in business. Mas Mentoring | Mas Workforce Development and Employment Services (
TradesWomen Australia Mentoring Program This Mentoring Program connects women beginning their trades career journeys with experienced tradeswomen mentors. Mentors support their mentees professional development, helping them become more confident, self-aware, and ready to try new skills. Mentoring Program – Tradeswomen Australia
Mentor Walks This program connects women from any professional background or industry in any stage of their career with inspiring female CEOs, Directors, Executives and Founders. Mentor Walks

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