Sharing careers in the Derwent Valley

The TFFPN was excited to be a part of the Derwent Region School Forestry Expo 2023, organised by the Arbre Forest Industries Training and Careers Hub this week. Speaking with students of all ages and sharing information about how many great opportunities there are for everyone was interesting and inspiring.

Tracey Taylor with students from the Derwent Valley

With industry stakeholders representing many careers, including paper manufacturing, harvest and haulage, growing and management, firefighting and the latest technology, there was something for everyone.

The focus of the TFFPN discussion with the students was to bring all of these together and talk about the work we are doing in the Career Mapping Project, researching careers and mapping them against skills and training pathways. We chatted with the students about their interests and how there are careers in forestry across many interests – from technology to working with others and keeping fit.

We talked about opportunities for agroforestry with students from farms or agriculture, about monitoring and protecting our fauna for those interested in animals, and about trucks and mechanics for those interested in machines.

The girls were interested to learn that our industry is focused on diversity and inclusion and supporting women to enter and thrive in any role. If the interest from the young people participating in this event is anything to go by, our workforce of the future looks amazing!