Connecting and creating pathways

A group of industry stakeholders, facilitated by Tracey Taylor, have been collaborating with TasTAFE on a Leadership and Safety Pilot Skill Set comprised of three Certificate IV in Forest Operations Units.

One of the drivers of this initiative, Jillian Aylett Brown, CEO of MechLog, is passionate about creating pathways for our industry employees.

“This Pilot Skill Set is an opportunity for our industry to create real pathways and careers in the forest industry. We want to offer training to support our employees to grow their skills and knowledge and become our future leaders,” Jillian said.

The stakeholders have identified three key units for the Pilot Skill Set that will provide a well-rounded introduction for upcoming leaders and supervisors:

  • Monitor Safety, Health and Environment
  • Monitor and Improve Forestry Operations
  • Lead Effective Workplace Relations

“We want to keep people in our industry, and these units are a natural fit to build on existing training and skills of our employees,” explained Jillian.

“Key to this initiative is a workshop delivery model, where we have the opportunity to bring our current and future leaders together, to build connections across the industry and to develop their skills and knowledge.”

For this pilot initiative to be successful, it will require employer support via enrolments over the next three years. Without sustainable enrolment numbers year on year, developing and delivering such an important initiative for our industry will be difficult.

“As an employer, I am excited to provide this opportunity to my staff and will be committing to participating in this training. We have the chance to work with TasTAFE on a new and exciting model of delivery for some of the key skills we will need in our future workforce,” she said.

“I encourage employers to express their commitment to this initiative through enrolling even just a single employee each year.”

To find out more about this Pilot Skill Set read the flyer and complete the Expression of Support at

If you want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to either Tracey Taylor at or Jillian at