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Future Employees

The Tasmanian forest industry is focused on building a workforce of the future that is diverse, inclusive and representative of the Tasmanian community.

Skills and careers are being mapped along with training pathways to identify entry points for anyone who may be interested in working in this sector.

Learn more about the industry, its careers, workforce development and training and keep up to date on the latest news in workforce and diversity.

The development and implementation of this portal and many of the initiatives contained within have been guided by:

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity Gender equity within an organisation makes good business sense and benefits ...


Mentoring Mentoring is often thought of in a traditional sense - of older colleagues offering ...

Workplace Flexibility

Workplace flexibility: Attracting and retaining employees How can our workforce of the future mee ...

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3003, 2023

Sharing careers in the Derwent Valley

Sharing careers in the Derwent Valley The TFFPN was excited to be a part of the Derwent Region School Forestry Expo 2023, organised by the Arbre Forest Industries Training and Careers Hub this week. Speaking with students of all ages and sharing information about how many great opportunities there are for everyone was interesting and inspiring. Tracey Taylor with students from the Derwent Valley With industry stakeholders representing many careers, including paper manufacturing, harvest and ...

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