Have your say on our Draft Diversity Action Plan

Our Workforce Development and Diversity Reference Group is pleased to release the Draft Diversity Action Plan (DAP) for input to help make sure it is right for our sector.

  • Is it representative of you and our industry?
  • Do you think it can meet your needs?
  • Can we achieve the actions within the timeframe?
  • Are there some areas missing or something included that you don’t feel is relevant?

The Draft DAP can be found on the TFFPN Website HERE.

Any and all feedback on the Plan is appreciated. To let us know what you think, you can:

Connecting and Belonging is the title of our Draft Forest Industry Diversity Action Plan (DAP). It also describes my experience over the past few months working within the Tasmanian forest industry. Or more specifically, the people I have connected with have been welcoming, have shared their knowledge and experiences and I truly feel I now belong.

This gives me confidence that the DAP our industry has drafted is focused on our people. It is our people who will lead the change. Our people who will benefit from the change. And our people who are the future of our industry.

Developing our Draft DAP has involved consultation across the sector and leadership from a 25 member Reference Group. The members of this group are from within our forest industry and within our community and have connected, built relationships and undertaken professional development in diversity and inclusion. By working together, we have drafted a plan that aims to provide the tools for our current workforce to connect with each other and with others outside the industry. Our group is committed to being ambassadors of diversity and inclusion within our industry and within our community.

Through connecting with other people, our Draft DAP aims to build a sense of belonging for everyone. We want people within our industry to feel they belong. We want people from outside our industry to feel that they could belong. We want people within our broader community to feel out industry belongs.

Connection and belonging will ensure our forest industry is GREAT, which is the theme of our Draft DAP. We want our industry to be an industry of choice with a diverse, skilled and inclusive workforce. The Draft DAP aims to be a living entity, like the people and the industry it is focused on. It needs to grow with our people and with our industry. But it also must also have a solid foundation from which it can grow.

Knowledge, commitment and leadership from our people are those GREAT foundations.