Key Supply Chain and Infrastructure Opportunities Discussed at UTAS Workshop

As Tasmania’s forestry industry is set to play a vital role in rebuilding the State’s economy, the Northern Tasmania Regional Forestry Hub has appointed researchers from the University of Tasmania to undertake a strategic assessment of the key factors impacting supply chains and infrastructure in North Northwest Tasmania.

Paul Turner and Mihai Neagoe from the eLogistics Research Group at the University facilitated a workshop in Launceston on 13 August 2020. Workshop participants from industry, government and the community discussed key supply chain and infrastructure challenges and opportunities, and pathways forward for growth and progress in the sector.

The Hub’s General Manager, Monika Winston, explained the strategic importance of the work being conducted by the University.

“We are pleased to be partnering with leading Australian industry experts to drive this impactful work. The supply chain and infrastructure strategic assessment addresses some of the key challenges and opportunities in the sector. The recent stakeholder consultation was a fantastic opportunity to workshop some of eLogistics’ recommendations, and to hear more from stakeholders around their priorities. The assessment will enable us to understand the key drivers of growth in the industry and to prepare for the future,” Ms Winston said.

The Supply Chain and Infrastructure Assessment Report will be completed in the coming months.