Media Release – 11th September 2018

Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network Welcomes New Forestry Report

A newly released report by Dr. Jacki Schirmer into the socio-economic impacts of the forest industry in Tasmania is welcomed by the Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network (TFFPN)

The report is the first comprehensive study in over a decade into the contribution made by the forest sector to the state, especially in rural and regional communities.

‘The newly established TFFPN represents all sectors of the industry and those employed within it , and this report documents the rapid change which has occurred in the forest industry over the last decade, particularly in the native forest sector ‘ said Therese Taylor , Convenor of the TFFPN.

Tasmania’s forest industry is diverse, and directly generates over 3,000 jobs , with an additional  2,5000 jobs from flow on  impacts into other related  industries.  The Tasmanian forest industry generates more full-time jobs than other parts of the Tasmanian economy, with 82% of those employed in the industry working full time in 2016, compared to 60% in the broader economy.

‘This is significant in regional Tasmania’ , Ms Taylor said, ‘Such an in-depth analysis of employment, numbers, location and impact on small communities in Tasmania, will assist  the TFFPN to work with the industry to ensure workforce sustainability over time. ‘

A major role of the TFFPN is to assist in changing the community perception of the forest industry, and this report will assist the TFFPN, with its quantitative analysis of the social and economic perceptions of the industry in a number of regions.

‘This information gives us a good starting point of community perceptions of the positive and less than positive impacts of the forest industry in their region. The TFFPN will be working in these regions, and with these communities into the future to build knowledge and trust in the forest industry to ensure continued growth and community support for the industry.’

The socio-economic impacts of the forest industry: Tasmania study was jointly funded by the Australian Government and Forest and Wood Products Australia and undertaken by a team from the University of Canberra and Econsearch, chief author Dr. Schirmer.

Contact:  Therese Taylor, Convenor, TFFPN.   0419302777