Midway is a leading company in the Australian forestry sector and is Australia’s largest high quality woodfibre processor exporting to producers of pulp, paper and associated products in China and Japan.

Founded in 1980, Midway wholly owns or is a majority shareholder in strategic processing and export facilities in Geelong, Portland and Brisbane. Overall, Midway sells six woodfibre products from five export facilities (including Tasmania and Tiwi Islands) with a combined processing and export capacity of over 5.0 million GMT per annum. Since commencing exports in 1986 Midway has exported over 30 million GMT.

Midway owns significant areas of freehold plantation land in Victoria and through its subsidiary Plantation Management Partners, manages plantations in northern Australia, Cambodia and Laos. Combined the group manages over 90,000 ha of plantation estate.

Midway engages contractors to harvest and haul timber to processing sites, including company owned mills and to third party facilities. Midway has recently expanded to provide harvesting, haulage, processing and materials handling services directly to plantation owners through its investments in ADDCO Fibre Group, a forestry and logistics services business in New Zealand and Australia, and Midway Logistics, a wood fibre and biomass harvesting, processing and logistics business in southwest WA.