Neville Smith Forest Products (NSFP) is a family owned and vertically integrated enterprise operating within Tasmania since 1924 and specialising in Tasmanian Oak, one of the world’s most beautiful and durable cool climate timbers.

NSFP’s core business of processing and manufacturing high value appearance grade timber products for the interior design and home decor market is one of the largest in Australia, supplying both domestic and overseas markets under the Abelwood and Woodsmith brands and employing over 100 staff across its Tasmanian operations.

These businesses operate with a collective goal of maximising the value of Tasmania’s most sustainable and renewable resource:
regrowth Tasmanian Oak timber.

Environmental credentials protecting our natural resource for generations to come.

• NSFP prides itself on its environmental values and management approaches and has a long-held stance against the wood-chipping of old growth forest.
• It was the first company in Australia to chip instead of burn end dockings.
• One of the first groups in Australia to harvest, process, and value add younger regrowth logs from non-sensitive areas.
• The first company to value add its entire hardwood production Tasmanian Oak.