New Derby Concept Plan to maintain world class trails

A new Concept Plan for Derby will see a precinct of 930 hectares containing world-class mountain biking trails, maintained into perpetuity.

The Derby Concept Plan was developed in partnership between Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Dorset Council and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, and is the precursor to a long term Derby Precinct Masterplan that is currently in development.

The Derby Concept Plan was released today for community information and feedback.

General Manager Conservation and Land Management Suzette Weeding said the key priority for all parties is to keep the Blue Derby mountain bike trails one of the best Tasmania has to offer.

“The Derby Concept Plan highlights a joint commitment by land managers to work together and foster long-term growth in Derby for the benefit of local communities and visitors, and firmly position the town as a premier mountain bike destination in Tasmania.

“To implement the precinct, Sustainable Timber Tasmania will affirm no harvesting operations within the current trail network,” Ms Weeding said.

The Plan highlights that all parties acknowledge the shared use of the broader landscape for a variety of purposes, including neighbouring production forest. Where forest operations occur in the neighbouring production forest, management actions will be implemented so that forest management operations will not impact on the trails within the precinct.

Dorset Council Mayor Greg Howard said that without the agreement and assistance from Sustainable Timber Tasmania there would not be a big enough trail network to make Derby as successful as it is today.

“Sustainable Timber Tasmania has been supportive from day one, and this is their initiative to put a protective circle around Derby,” he said.

Initial community feedback is welcomed and encouraged by 31st March 2022 and can be shared by contacting

The Derby Concept Plan can be viewed at