Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise responsible for:
sustainably managing approximately 812,000 hectares of public production forest (Permanent Timber Production Zone land); and
undertaking forest operations for the production and sale of forest products from these forests.
Sustainability is at the heart of everything that Sustainable Timber Tasmania does. It’s the long-term future for our business. It includes:
Sustainably managing the forest estate;
Sustainably supplying timber; and
Sustainably growing our business.

To be successful in each of these areas, Sustainable Timber Tasmania focuses on:
Delivering effectively – building a sustainable, effective and consistent business that is valued by our customers and shareholders;
Developing capability – investing in our business and our people, and promoting an educated, skilled and safe contractor workforce with capabilities for the future;
Leading and innovating – embracing new ideas and realising opportunities, and fostering an innovative culture that supports ongoing development of the Tasmanian forest industry;
Growing value – investing in strategies and initiatives that grow and realise the full value of the forest estate and the services we provide; and
Listening and engaging – building trust and confidence with our stakeholders and the community through genuine communication, engagement and being a good neighbour.