Tree Alliance Campaign Launched

Private Forests Tasmania launched their Tree Alliance Campaign last week.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of farm forestry and the benefits of trees on farms, and to encourage and facilitate farmers to plant commercially viable trees in the agricultural landscape.

The treety: to grow our future economy and ecology through trees.

The campaign supporters share the Tree Alliance beliefs that the right trees in the right place:

  1. Increase farm productivity
  2. Improve water efficiency and water quality
  3. Improve the carbon balance
  4. Protect the land for the future
  5. Create high value timber products

Farmers who plant trees are growing the future.

Planting trees in the right place on farms with the intention of harvesting and replanting is a win-win for the environment, society and landowners.

Trees can deliver increased primary production productivity while simultaneously growing high value timber products, delivering biofuel, improving water quality and efficiency, and improving the carbon balance.

Trees also protect the land for future generations while growing high value products. Trees and farmers will grow the future.

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