Women’s Leadership Initiative – Watch this space to apply.

The Network is working with the Department of Communities to enable women in ‘non traditional’ industries to develop skills to enable them to compete for leadership and board positions in their industry sectors.

To be a sustainable industry over time, every industry needs to be able to attract and retain the best skilled workers. Studies show the most successful industries have good gender balance and a diverse skilled workforce in place.

The Jackie Schirmer Report, 2018 – ‘ Socio Economic Impact of the Forest Industry in Tasmania’ details female participation in the forest industry in Tasmania-

‘… the Tasmanian forest industry is not successfully accessing the female labour force. Analysis of Census data suggests that there has not been substantial change in this gender composition of the workforce over time, with little growth in the proportion of the forest industry workforce who are female over time . As of 2016, 49% of the overall employed labour force in Tasmania was female, a slight increase from 47% in 2006. In the forest industry workforce, however, female representation in the workforce was 18% in 2016, having grown from 14% in 2006.’

The proposal being developed for the forest industry with Department of Communities will aim to target women in early career, mid-career aspiring to leadership and board positions, and those already in leadership positions to further develop skills. It will also be aimed at women across the whole of the industry to enable women working in businesses large and small the opportunity to apply for the program.

The details of the program and application process are being finalised , so please ensure to check the future Newsletters and the Network website.

The content of the Forest Women in Leadership program will include:

  • AICD – Foundations of Directorship Course scholarships to be offered across the industry (2 scholarships)
  • I-LEAD Small Business Program (2x scholarships)
  • Women on Boards (WOB) Realising your Board Potential (10 places )

Following this initial phase an evaluation will be undertaken to gauge effectiveness of the strategy. It is hoped the strategy may then be broadened to target diversity and underrepresented groups across the industry.

We thank the State Government, Department of Communities, for their support in this important initiative.