Free diversity and inclusion training for the forest industry

Do you want to better understand how diversity and inclusion initiatives can improve employee wellbeing and workplace culture? Can you commit an hour a month to undertaking a learning module, a toolbox talk and a monthly check-in with an expert in diversity and inclusion?

Then sign-up for the free Trades Women Australia Workplace Diversity Project, which is supported by the Tasmanian Government and Keystone Tasmania. This project aims to educate workplace leaders by providing training and resources to become diversity and inclusion champions in their workplaces. TWA are leaders in helping organisations facilitate diverse, inclusive and mentally healthy workplaces with a project officer in Tasmania available to work with and support organisations.

Delivered in four modules, the program includes:

  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing – Gain knowledge and skills to identify what poor mental health and well being look like, what areas of the workplace impact on mental health and how to have conversations promoting a mentally healthy workplace culture.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion – Better understand what diversity and inclusion mean, what a diverse workforce looks like and how to utilise diversity and inclusion to make your workplace more productive, innovative and positive.
  3. Unconscious Bias – Better understand bias, how unconscious bias plays a role in decision making, the ramifications of this bias and how to challenge it in the workplace.
  4. Bystander Action – An understanding of what bystander action is and how to challenge and manage behaviours within the workplace and support workers to become active bystanders.

Give your organisation a competitive advantage in recruitment and be an industry leader in diversity and inclusion and build a healthy, diverse and innovative workforce for the future.

Delivered by Dr Tanya Paterson, this training aligns with many initiatives in the Draft Diversity Action Plan including supporting our industry leaders to understand and drive the organisational change that is critical for the successful implementation of diversity initiatives.

Tanya has worked in gender equity for many years. She is the author of Women in Vocational Education and Training, which examines the barriers facing women to undertake apprenticeships and traineeships. Tanya has a background in Training and Mental Health. Her qualifications are in Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Change. She is currently working with the Forestry, Construction and Plumbing Industries to increase the participation of women in workplaces that value diversity and enable all to thrive.

If you want to learn more about this great opportunity for the forest industry, email or Tanya Paterson at .

Find out more on the Draft Diversity Action Plan at Diversity Action Plan – Tasmanian Forest and Forest Products Network (