Tasmania Forestry Hub Update

It has been a busy and productive start to 2021 for the Hub. The southern infrastructure expression of interest process is well underway. The Hub will soon select experts to commission a report on the southern infrastructure priorities that have been identified in consultation with industry, community, and government stakeholders.

At the end of last year the Hub released four strategic assessment reports that it commissioned in its key priority areas; Land Access for Plantation Forest Investment; Supply Chain and Infrastructure; Climate Change and Carbon Policy; and, Culture, Skills and Training. The assessment reports can be accessed here.

The Hub is currently reviewing and prioritising the key opportunities and recommendations identified in the assessment reports in light of the National Forest Industries Plan, and starting to plan for implementation.

The Hub was established as part of the Commonwealth Government’s National Forest Industries Plan – Growing a Better Australia – A Billion Trees for Jobs and Growth, which is focussed on driving a billion new trees in forestry plantations to meet Australia’s future needs for wood and fibre in the next decade.