Forum – Vision 2050 Reflections and Feedback

Simon Talbot, General Manager – Tasmania Forestry Hub 

Simon Talbot at the TFFPN’s Vision 2050 forum in September

It was great to meet many new people and catch-up with some familiar faces last week. Over the past few days, I have been able to have a number of post forum discussion to gain feedback; it’s been quite consistent.

‘Yes we definitely need an aligned Vision for 2050’

‘The themes are right but we need to measure ourselves as an industry and make firm commitments it cant just be words’

‘It has to represent the whole of our sector in Tasmania otherwise it wont be adopted’

From my perspective these are all very valid comments and the Tasmania Hub will be engaging all elements of our industry to ensure everyone has a voice on what success in the future looks like.

A number of people at the forum asked me, who is doing it well? Which forest industry can we look to as a model?

My mind always goes straight to the State of Maine in the USA, which is a smaller state that is heavily forested and only slightly bigger than Tasmania but with twice the population. This state’s industry developed a very similar roadmap for the future with a clear and measurable vision, which can be viewed here:

It’s industry has consolidated its vision into a clear plan, which it is delivering against, it can be downloaded here and is well worth the read.

I am keen to know what YOU think of our industry – of its future and priorities. The TFFPN and the Tasmania Forestry Hub survey is a very short questionnaire which takes two minutes to complete. If you haven’t done so yet, please click here to complete it.

For more information, or to chat, contact Simon.