How are we tracking with the Workforce, Diversity and Inclusion Project?

In any project, it is important to track progress against outcomes. But how do we measure the progress in the shorter term? What metrics can we measure and what do they tell us? In the Workforce Development and Diversity Project, we have two years to develop, implement and measure the project’s impact. Of course, measurement of progress should go beyond the life of the project, but a reporting framework also requires measures. Data collection for measures needs to be simple, cost effective and repeatable across time.

Given the Workforce, Diversity and Inclusion Project is a change management project, then measures of individual and organisational change are good indicators of progress. In March this year, a survey was released that measured employee attitudes to and knowledge of diversity and inclusion. Whilst the data is not deemed statistically accurate, it did provide an understanding of the perceptions of diversity across the sector by the people working in the sector. Data from the survey shows highlighted some key themes for the sector to focus on moving forward:

Many of these ideas, if they were not identified in the Workforce Development Plan have been incorporated into the Diversity Action Plan.

One year into the project, it is timely to reissue the employee survey to learn some more about the sectors knowledge and understanding of diversity and inclusion. Please follow this link to the survey which will remain open until January 13, 2023, and have your say.