Mechlog plants the SEED for Logan

This month forestry services company, MechLog announced the launch of Skills Enhancement & Employee Development, a new training programme aimed at improving the skills of people entering the forestry industry in Australia and Tasmania. The programme also aims to assist the industry to attract younger people—and those from similar industries—to consider a career in the forest harvesting sector.

Sixteen-year-old Logan Peake first learned about SEED after participating in work experience through his school with the northern-based company. This opportunity led to Logan applying for a seed traineeship with Mechlog.

L to R – Logan Peake (SEED Trainee), Minister Ellis, Adrian Brown (Technical Training Co-Ordinator) and Makonnen Brown (25, SEED Trainee).

“The program is not just about learning how to be a machinery operator in forestry – there are other life skills included in the program such as driver training, fitness and financial budgeting,” Mr Peake said.

“I have been able to improve on my people and communication skills, as well as learn about working in the forest and the way the environment is cared for throughout the sustainable forest process,” he said.

However, the transition from formal education to traineeship has not been without obstacles.

“There has been a couple of challenges to begin with. The first has been adapting to a new life where I work all day; sometimes the days can be long. It’s a lot different to the six hours a day spent at school,” Mr Peake said.

“The other challenge has been learning that working in sustainable forestry is not just about picking up logs or cutting down trees, there is so much to learn about how sustainable forestry cares for the environment and our responsibility as part of that process.”

SEED Trainee Logan Peake

SEED is an advanced training concept that combines technical training and life-skills education to support and improve the learning experience and outcomes for new entrants to the forestry industry. The life skills programme is delivered alongside the forest operations qualification of a Certificate III in Forest Operations, ensuring that SEED trainees receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

MechLog’s CEO, Ms Jillian Aylett Brown, said SEED is set to revolutionise the way new entrants to the forestry industry are trained.

“With a focus on younger participants, SEED is an innovative, customised training programme designed to support successful learning outcomes and create career development opportunities for new entrants to the industry,” Ms Aylett Brown said.

“With an aging workforce and increasing demand for timber products, it is crucial that we invest in training and development to ensure a sustainable future for the industry.

“We believe that SEED will play a crucial role in addressing the skills gap in the forestry sector and assist MechLog to attract new talent to the company. It is an exciting time to be involved in forestry, with new technologies and innovations creating opportunities for growth and sustainability.”

Logan believes SEED will enable many young people who might not have considered forestry to explore its advantages.

“If you are interested in forestry as a career, give it a go, because I know you will love it when you get out in the bush,” he said.

For more information about the SEED, or to apply to join the MechLog team please visit the MechLog website:

To learn more about the School Forestry Work Experience Program, visit Arbre Hub: