Tassie data to reflect our industry nationally

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)is currently seeking responses to its five-yearly wood processing sector survey, and it’s critical we provide Tasmanian data.

ARARES provides professionally independent, world-class research, analysis and advice for government and private sector decision-makers on significant issues affecting Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries. It has been undertaking national level analysis every 5 years for the past two decades.

Previous reports can be found HERE.

The intention is to tell the story of the national processing sector, in the context of the many changes happening globally and nationally in the five years since it’s last analysis. This time around they are attempting to develop a more detailed and dynamic story of the sector that covers:

  1. Utilisation of existing processing capacity – Is there a mismatch between processing capacity and log supply?
  2. What is the cost structure of the wood processing supply chain? How susceptible to wood processors to rising energy and log costs?
  3. What is the flexibility of current wood processing supply chains?
  4. Employment and labour availability – to what extent to labour and skills shortages affect wood processors around Australia?
  5. Future opportunities and challenges, and the opportunities for adaptation. 

This last point is particularly important for the Tasmania Forestry Hub, as it covers what challenges we are currently facing or expecting to face in the future. e.g., workforce, log supply and product prices. ABARES is seeking information on what measures processors are taking to overcome or take advantage of these challenges or opportunities, or to identify where there are impediments to processors adapting.

All of Tasmania’s processors and sawmills should have received their survey forms, and I urge you to complete the survey, if you need more information or if you require assistance completing the survey form, please contact: ABARES at ForestStatistics@agriculture.gov.au or Peter Lock at 02 6272 5821, or Mijo Gavran on 02 6272 3725.