Timberlink announces new CLT & GLT brand

NeXTimber: It’s what better tomorrows are built on

Timberlink Australia has unveiled the new brand for their forthcoming engineered wood products building solutions range – NeXTimber® by Timberlink. NeXTimber by Timberlink will manufacture Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) products providing an Australian-made renewable and carbon positive timber building solution for commercial, residential, and public projects.

Backed by a $63 million capital investment, the NeXTimber range will be manufactured on Australia’s first combined world scale softwoods CLT and GLT manufacturing line, within a purpose built manufacturing plant which is being constructed adjacent to Timberlink’s state-of-the-art timber manufacturing facility in Tarpeena, South Australia. Production will begin in 2023.

Timberlink Chief Executive Officer Ian Tyson said NeXTimber places Timberlink at the forefront of integrated forestry and softwood processing in Australia.

“The NeXTimber range will be manufactured on Timberlink’s Tarpeena site from Timberlink timber, sourced from local certified pine plantations. The plantations, like Timberlink, are under the ownership of funds managed by New Forests. This connection from seed to structure will give NeXTimber customers a unique level of supply certainty,” Mr Tyson said.

“Currently around half of all of Australia’s engineered timber is being imported and the demand for this is expected to rapidly grow in the next decade, so building the sovereign capacity of locally made CLT and GLT is great news for Australian manufacturing and local regional employment.”

A total of 27 full-time permanent jobs will be created when the facility opens in 2023 rising to 50 at full output. A significant number of additional jobs are also being created during the construction phase.

Engineered timber products are increasingly being used in Australia and globally, particularly in mid-rise buildings due to a combination of factors, including cost-effectiveness, livability, ease and efficiency of construction. They also satisfy the increasing demand for energy efficient, sustainable, and carbon positive building materials.

“Timberlink is looking forward to growing the NeXTimber brand and supporting more specifiers and builders in using Australian-made mass timber
that stores carbon because as our brand says, NeXTimber: It’s what better tomorrows are built on,” Mr Tyson said.

To learn more about the products, visit www.nextimber.com.au.