Timberlink launches new Tasmanian campaign


4 October 2021

Timberlink releases new Made of Tasmania campaign: Timberlink Timber Links Us All.

Following the highly popular “Together We Build” campaign launch in 2018, Timberlink is pleased to
announce the latest instalment of our Made of Tasmania campaign: Timberlink Timber Links Us All.

The new campaign will feature on Tasmanian television commercials and digital advertising
throughout October/November 2021 and into 2022.

The new campaign message focuses on the valuable link that Timberlink’s sustainably produced
timber creates with the Tasmanian community, the environment and the local economy.

Timberlink Timber Links Us All.

• A link to local jobs with 200 Tasmanians employed by Timberlink.
• A link with our community through sponsorships and community involvement.
• A link with our environment and sustainability with every tree used replanted.
• A link with our local economy through our supply chain.
• A link with innovation and technology to expand world class manufacturing right here in
• A link to a safer workplace with safety an integral part of our business.

The television commercial was produced in Tasmania with an all Tasmanian production crew, and
features Tasmanian Timberlink staff, a building designer, school children and pine nursery staff.

It is a production that is truly Made of Tasmania. Watch it HERE.