A message from the Chair

On behalf of the Board I thank all members, Supporters and Partners for your support during this very challenging year and wish everyone the opportunity to get together over the Christmas break to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

As 2020 draws to a close I wish to reflect on the unexpected challenges, and acknowledge the resilience shown by the industry during this year.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold early in the year and the forest industry was declared an essential service, the Network adjusted its activity to keep members supported, informed, and connected.  We demonstrated flexibility and agility as we adjusted our services to communicate more frequently and worked closely with Government and other organisations to ensure information was timely, accurate and consistent.

The Network hosted the COVID-19 Communications Working Group and with eight other organisations released a four part video series to support mental health and wellbeing of workers across the forest industry in Tasmania. These were a timely and well received resource.

As the year draws to a close, we believe the tail of the pandemic will be long and the Network will continue to assist members and other organisations to continue the recovery of the industry across Tasmania.

The Network has made significant progress this year in a number of areas:

  • Member numbers have grown significantly
  • We have increased the number of our financial Partners and Supporters
  • Working Groups have been active and have progressed a number of priority issues for the industry
  • The Northern Tasmania Regional Forestry Hub has completed the following four Assessment Reports based on feedback received from industry, as well as extending the Hub to the south of the state:
    • Access to Land
    • Carbon and Climate Change
    • Infrastructure and Supply Chain
    • Training , Skills and Culture

The Board has set a challenging agenda for the Network in 2021 to assist the industry face a number of real and ongoing challenges.

We will concentrate our efforts in increasing community support for the industry and activate our member base to achieve a better future for all.

Merry Christmas, and the Network looks forward to your participation in the coming year.

Steve Whiteley,