Tasmania Regional Forestry Hub releases Road Map

The Tasmania Regional Forestry Hub has officially released its Road Map which focuses on the Hub’s next steps and implementation planning activities in terms of progressing the opportunities identified by the forest industry and community through the Hub.

The Road Map has been developed to provide a pathway forward that strengthens the existing vibrant Tasmanian forestry industry. The four strategic objectives outlined below guide the Road Map.

  1. Drive positive climate outcomes
  2. Develop a fit for purpose workforce
  3. Grow and maintain farm forestry
  4. Support industry growth through infrastructure planning

The Road Map has also been developed to focus on the key message from the National Forest Industries Plan, “A billion more plantation trees – the right trees at the right scale in the right places.” To this end a scorecard has also been prepared that demonstrates how the Hub’s work and projects support the goals under the National Plan.

The Hub will continue to keep stakeholders updated with consultation opportunities, and with progress made against the activities outlined in the Road Map.

The Hub’s Road Map can be accessed HERE
The Hub’s Scorecard can be accessed HERE

For more information about the Tasmania Regional Forestry Hub, visit: Tasmanian Forest and Forest Products Network – TFFPN