Workforce Skills Working Group – Great News!

The Workforce Skills Working Group is very happy to announce that we will be commencing the development of the Tasmanian Forest Industry Workforce Development and Implementation Plan.

The Plan will identify current and future skills needs and ensure systems are in place to ensure these skills are available to industry. The Plan will include forest growing, harvest and haul, and forest processing sectors. The Plan will include specific skill shortage areas.

Jim Wilson, the Chair of the TFFPN Workforce Skills Working Group said that following an industry consultation workshop in November there was a real endeavour to commence development on a Tasmanian Forest Workforce Development Plan.

“We need to attract, train and skill and then retain the best workers we can for the forest industry in Tasmania” said Jim. “This is more important than ever as demand for timber is increasing worldwide and the industry continues to be technologically and environmentally cutting edge”.

The TFFPN has entered into a funding agreement with ForestWorks who are partnering with us to provide the much needed funding for the Plan.

“We are very grateful for TSDS funding. We will be commencing work on the Plan immediately”, Jim said. “It will be a very consultative process so please get involved for the benefit of our current and future workers”.