An exclusive opportunity to be part of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens conservation collaboration with the Tasmanian Walking Company

Article from Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are partnering with the Tasmanian Walking Company to help achieve our urgent goal to map and collect seeds along Tasmania’s precious Overland Track. Recent drier summers and fires in Tasmania’s alpine regions have created a critical and pressing need to accurately map and collect seeds from ancient stands of montane conifers.

The right conditions for these endemic trees to produce enough cones to collect for Tasmania’s Seed Conservation Program are irregular and rare – last occurring in 2015. Two walks have been scheduled with short notice as seeding is expected to take place across late March and early April.  The walks provide opportunities for guests to assist and engage in wide ranging conversations about Tasmania’s alpine flora. If seeding does not take place, James Wood (Manager Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre), along with collecting partner Tim Rudman, will still accompany guests and mapping of the pines and other alpine plants will take place in preparation for future years.

The Tasmanian walking Company will host the walks with their experienced guides leading their signature trip that is the only way to experience the Overland Track in Classis style, including accommodation in the private huts along with all meals, locally produces wine and all transfer.

We need support to enable the walks to be a success – so if you, or your friends and family – have always wanted to walk the Overland Track in style, and you are passionate about the future of Tasmania’s endemic species, now is the time to book.  If you choose, you can provide further support through fundraising for the program through MyCause  – an easy and personal way to raise funds to support this program and collection in even further remote areas.

For more information about the collaboration, read the story produced by ABC Radio Hobart and for more detail and bookings for the tours visit