Forico and STT talk natural capital

On 4 May, Forico and Sustainable Timber Tasmania will jointly host an online presentation on natural capital accounting as part of the Forest and Wood Products Australia’s webinar series: Sustainability Reporting: Opportunities and Obligations. 

Guest speakers include Rayne van den Berg (Chief Financial Officer, Forico) and Shaun Suitor (Natural Capital Manager, STT), as well as Carl Obst (Director @‎Institute for the Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting- IDEEA Group).

The webinar will introduce the concept of natural capital accounting and how it is used to measure ecosystems and their services in physical and monetary terms. This will include an overview of the standards in use and how they are applied, as well as a case study from Forico on how the results can be used in decision-making.

To register for the webinar, click here.