Media Release – Northern Tasmania Forestry Hub appoints Australian industry experts

As Tasmania’s forestry industry is set to play a vital role in rebuilding the State’s economy, the Northern Tasmania Forestry Hub has appointed industry experts to undertake a strategic assessment of the key factors impacting the forestry sector in order to identify opportunities for growth and progress into the future.

The Hub was established to support the Commonwealth Government’s strategy to drive growth in the renewable timber and wood fibre industry in North and Northwest Tasmania, and is consulting extensively with stakeholders across the forestry value chain.

Tasmania’s forestry operations produce responsibly sourced wood that is both renewable and sustainable, and support thousands of direct and indirect jobs in regional communities.

The Hub’s General Manager, Ms Monika Winston, has outlined plans for a strategic assessment to be prepared in critical areas of Tasmanian forestry with the objective of driving growth, and removing barriers, in the forestry industry.

“The strategic assessment is focussed on all the critical areas within the sector; land access, supply and infrastructure, climate policy and skills development. The assessment will enable us to understand the key drivers of growth in the industry and to prepare for the future. We are pleased to be partnering with leading Australian industry experts to drive this impactful work,” Ms Winston said.

The Hub has appointed Greenwood Strategy, the University of Tasmania, and the University of Melbourne to work on these projects. Work has already begun, and extensive stakeholder consultation will commence shortly.

“We are pleased to be partnering with high calibre organisations both locally, and nationally, to progress this important work,” said Ms Penny Wells, CEO of Private Forests Tasmania and the Chair of the Hub Steering Committee.

Monika Winston
General Manager
Northern Tasmania Regional Forestry Hub
(m) 0400 886 935