Francis Richardson joins the Network Board

Why did you nominate as a TFFPN Board Director? 

I nominated as a director for the Board because I am highly passionate about forestry in Tasmania and also want to bring a voice for forestry contractors to further improve engagement from a greater range of stakeholders.

Where do you work and what does your role entail? 

I work for Orana enterprises as a Transport Data Analyst where I manage the organisations telematics and docketing systems. My day to day role can include:

  • Quota recording and management
  • Transport compliance reporting and management
  • Systems training for drivers
  • Development and implementation of new technologies within the business

What has your involvement in forestry been prior to this role?

Francis fishing on the east coast of Tasmania

Prior to working for Orana I worked as a Senior Transport Planner for Trimble Forestry where I was responsible for despatching logging vehicles in a central despatch system. This role,Trimble Forestry provided me the opportunity to work for HVP in its Gippsland region and also One Forty One in Mount Gambier.

What sparked your interest in the forest industry? 
My first role out of university was where I discovered my interest in forestry as I was  intrigued by the complexity and range of roles within the forest industry. At the time my role was focused on the logistics aspect of the industry but since working for Orana I have been exposed to other areas of forestry.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
The most rewarding part of my role is the implementation of new technologies and seeing how these new innovations will benefit not only the company but the industry as a whole. I also enjoy the fact that no two days are the same at work, and that each day provides a new challenge to be solved.

What are the greatest challenges you see facing the Tasmanian forest industry? 
I believe the greatest challenges facing the Tasmanian forest industry are the perception issues of the native forest industry, which we have seen throughout other parts of the country. These perception issues could see a significant impact on the fantastic work that the whole industry has done to ensure that native regrowth harvesting is sustainable and will benefit future generations.

How do you think the forest industry could improve? 
I believe the industry could improve significantly through a large scale collaboration which could result in increases in the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Tasmania forest industry. This collaboration could involve the sharing of resources such as facilities, technologies and management systems which would see benefits for all stakeholders.

On the weekend, we’d find you… 
Out on my mountain bike on one of our many great trails or out fishing in the boat on the east coast. You may also find me at my property on the East Tamar tinkering away on my many projects.

What’s one thing we’d be surprised to know about you? 
Originally I studied in the maritime/shipping sector but forestry was so appealing that I changed industries straight away.

In ten years you’d like to…
Have travelled all around the world and to have the chance to view forest operation in those countries to bring those ideas back to Tasmania.