Rural Alive and Well

The TFFPN have been proud partners of Rural Alive and Well (RAW) since 2022.

RAW is passionate about delivering genuine and authentic, early intervention suicide prevention for rural and remote communities.

RAW programs specialise in delivering proactive outreach and one-on-one psychosocial support to address situational stressors and increase protective factors, which minimise the risk of suicide.

Cutting Through

RAW’s Cutting Through program operates state-wide in rural and remote Tasmanian locations and has been developed specifically with the forestry and timber sector in mind. The program is tailored to meet the unique complex nature of the Tasmanian Timber Industry, and is led by David Milne, a saw doctor with thirty years’ experience in the industry from Tasmania’s north-east.

Cutting Through delivers a range of support including Fast 5 Talks in workplaces, referral pathways for individuals, one-on-one support and accreditation programs for workplaces and employer support.

To read more about the Cutting Through Program, CLICK HERE.

Why RAW?

RAW Conversations change lives.

If you need help during one of life’s harder seasons, or are concerned for someone you know, we encourage you to reach out to RAW.

RAW is ‘non-clinical’, genuine and non-intrusive. Program support is confidential with no fees for participants.

RAW’s staff have first-hand experience with the complexities which come with living and/or working in rural and remote areas. Each has backgrounds in Tasmanian Dairy, Livestock, Cropping, Mining, Wool Production, Forestry, Seafood and more.

RAW’s programs operate statewide in rural and remote Tasmanian locations. All programs operate with the same underlying suicide prevention framework.