Scholarship Winners – Women in Forest Industries Forum

Congratulations to Lauren Carter ( JCH Harvest & Haulage) and Dydee Mann (FPA) for being awarded the scholarships to attend the planned AFPA Women in Forestry Forum. Unfortunately, due to current events, the forum was cancelled, however, we thought it important to still acknowledge our recipients.

Lauren Carter

JCH Harvest & Haulage

Lauren believes that there needs to be more women representing and assisting contractors in an academic and professional context.

Lauren strives to become a more informed and active contributor to the broader forestry industry. She aims to assist contractors, to express the importance of their roles within the big picture and to facilitate rapid change within an evolving industry. Additionally, she wants to promote the extensive knowledge of industry (operations based) individuals and to see how this can assist overall stakeholder decision making.

Dydee Mann
Forest Practices Authority

Dydee thinks a hidden story behind Tasmanian forest products is that of how much investigatory work is done, and how carefully the natural and
cultural values are assessed before a tree or forest patch is even considered for harvesting.

She believes the amount of work that goes into forest planning and harvesting is impressive, and an important part of the reason why Tasmanian timber products are of such high value. Dydee thinks this story is largely missing from the public understanding, which has contributed to some of the misinformation
spread about the forest industry.

Dydee’s professional aim is to bring industry and regulator closer together to strengthen the forest practices system, and to promote these positive achievements of forest companies in biodiversity conservation during timber harvesting.